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We are based in Sant’Antioco in Sardinia, Italy.
Despite only being established in December 2004, we are already well known locally in the field of building design and construction.

Our owner Maurizio F. Matta, has 20 years of civil engineering, industrial and home building experience.

This allows us to work with all kinds of leading suppliers and therefore to take on any kind of construction project, at any scale.

Support the customer in his choices.


Our main goal is to fulfill our customer’s needs by offering a thorough service,- from the initial design to the delivery of the finished property.

We offer a large variety of solutions, able to satisfy every need.

However, the only thing that matters is your satisfaction. We do this by determining your unique needs.

We are confident that asking any of our customer they will not hesitate to share their satisfaction for the services received.

Competent by choice

Our staff


Dott. Ing. Maurizio F. Matta


Dott. Cristian Serra


Dott. Ing. Alessandro Valdes


Geom. Andrea Bedin


Geom. Nicola Matta