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Between mysticism and reality: Sardinia seen from a different point of view

“Sardinia is out of time and History.
Sardinia is another thing: more spacious, much more than usual, nothing at all irregular, but that fades away in the distance. Ridges of hills, like heath, irrelevant, that you are losing, perhaps, to a small group of peaks… Enchanting space around and distance to travel, nothing finished, nothing definitive. It’s like freedom itself. This land is not like any other place. “

[ Cit. David Herbert Lawrence, 1921 ]
David Herbert Lawrence, author of Lady Chatterley’s lover, is well aware of it, in fact he spent some time in Sardinia in 1920 during which he got inspired  and wrote a book called Sea and Sardinia.

If you are reading these lines, diving into the  majesty of a land shrouded in a mysticism without equal in the world, it is misunderstood by most, but with different fascinating facets, it’s certainly means that you too are looking for something special: the best place  you wish to live and spend your time in.

This Island, lost between Europe and Africa, belongs to those who love it so badly that they set roots in it and never want to leave. Everything you looking for is right here, not just the sea, as the writer Salvatore Niffoi also says in his book The Lake of Dreams 2011.

“Certainly, for those accustomed to seeing Sardinia as an “emeraldized” mono seasonal destination, might sound strange to be thinking of mountains, alpine climate and snow. Yet you just have to turn around and glance at the land, were you will see mountains diving into the clear water. Those mountains are home to the very core of a deeply folklorized territory there is yet to be discovered in its essence.

Take your time lower your car window and hit those 100 km of blue and green, of pines, vineyards, oak trees and mountains that seem to kiss the sea.”

[ Cit. Salvatore Niffoi, The Lake of Dreams, 2011 ]

Nowadays we can honestly say that this does not surprise us at all. – The island meets the needs of those who are looking forward to spending their time in the best way possible.

It comes natural, therefore, to crate a casual link in people’s mind between the words Sardinia, holiday and relax. However, we’re not talking abstract here, this is all tangible.

According to an article published on April 22nd 2017 by the regionale newspaper l’Unione Sarda, Sant’Antioco is said to be amongst the summer holiday’s top destinations worldwide.

A survey, carried out in collaboration with Marketing 01 and Confcommercio, reveals that the Island is one of the most googled and clicked destinations of the world, recording a +38% only in 2017.

Numbers are constantly growing year after year, because if there’s one thing in which Sardinia excels is the way it welcomes and takes care of the tourists. You and your time are worth it, and we are well aware of it.
Nowadays, tourism rotates around the web and before making any choice, users literally dive in to the network in pursuit of the best deal possible.

Preferences and judgments are always influenced by the opinions found in the various social, or, according to Marketing01, giving more of a look at the various companies with a real website dedicated.
We, as a company of construction, we did not come prepared because we are aware of the phenomenon that is investing and fundamentally change the way in which people make their own choices.
In the publication indicates that the user, if satisfied with the destination chosen, and often decide to spend your vacation always longer, even up to a month in the same place.
Why, therefore, do not stop to think a moment as saving energy, time and money would invest here? In Sardinia?

An Island that no doubt will surprise you, and would not be otherwise since, as we said before, this is the most clicked ever in Italy and in the World.