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Sant’Antioco, a dream became a reality.

The island of Sant’Antioco, the hotel exudes history and beauty from the dawn of time, is renowned for its varied coastline, the island in the Island, and to the Archaeological Sites of Worldwide interest.

Offers those visiting it, a tourism that is more aware, well away from the sequins and the concrete casting that characterize most well-known locations, but who do not enjoy the warm welcome that is typical of these places, immersed in the crystal clear sea, and a flora immaculate and lush.

Sant’antioco, the city which the island takes its name , is best known for being the most ancient city of Italy.
The first settlements date back to the pre-nuraghe: Nuraghe, Giants ‘ Tombs and Domus de Janas‘ are a testimony of this period.
Originally, around to the half of VIII century – 238 bc, the city was called Sulki and it was a community of phoenician origin which traded with the East and with all the civilizations of the Mediterranean well before the creation of Rome.
Given this evident both from the literary sources, that from the material brought to light in the area of the Tophet: amphorae, phoenician, along with other tiles, discovered thanks to the excavations carried out.

Since its origin, the city was always a bustling port, and was voted to the trade and to the exchange, a feature that has been handed down over time.

Sant’Antioco with its 11.400 inhabitants and 104kmq, is well aware of tourists, more intelligent, more aware and, in some ways, more demanding.

Those who decide to spend their vacation here knows how to make a choice oriented towards wellness and relax;
far from the stressful pace offered by other places more famous for tourism and create a link with a single word, business.

The city puts their own rich traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation, in a nearly pristine nature and gastronomical experiences without equal.

The most ancient town of Italy, will not that leave you open-mouthed, not only in summer but throughout the year.

If you are looking for hosting, as well as the kindness in every face and smile of the people, this is the right place.

It has not infrequently happened that tourists were so attracted by the riches of the island, they decided to stay and invest their savings.

If you are going to follow this example and invest in the brick, this is the place and the ideal time in which to do it:
dwell in these places means enjoy an Ancient city and full of the smells, tastes and beauty of a landscape to cut the breath.

Not only that, but the fact that the city offers all the services and sporting activities you can attend throughout the year: football, tennis, volleyball, handball and basketball.

Not to mention the water sports and the mild climate that characterizes the island find here the ideal place to be practiced:
Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Diving, Fishing, Tourism will offer ever-new experiences and will make you appreciate the sea from another point of view, operating from a direct contact.

So, why get bored just sunbathing in the daytime and the night life is made only of the dancing?
Here, in Sant’antioco, you’ll have everything you’re looking for.
For a month, or better yet, for life.