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Sant’Antioco, a dream come true

The island of Sant’Antioco, which exudes history and beauty since the dawn of time, is renowned for its varied coastline, being an island in the Island, and for the archaeological sites of worldwide interest.

It offers visitors, a tourism that is more aware, way far from the glowing facade and the concrete casting that characterize most better known locations, which do not provide with the warm welcoming typical of these places, immersed in crystal clear sea with an immaculate and lushing flora.

Sant’antioco, the main city named after the island itself, is best known for being the most ancient city in Italy.
The first settlements date back to the pre-nuragical era: Nuraghe, Giants’ Tombs and Domus de Janas‘ are a testimony of this period.
Originally, around middle VIII century – 238 bc, the city was called Sulki and it was a community of Phoenician origins which traded with the eastern countries as well as with the mediterranian civilizations  way before the creation of Rome.
All this facts are widely confirmed by literary sources, and from the material brought to light by the excavations carried out in the Tophet area.

Since its origin, the city has always been a very active port, keen on trading and goods exchange, a feature that has been handed down over time.

Sant’Antioco (104 sq Km) with its 11.400 inhabitants is well aware of the fact that it tends to actact a more intelligent, and in a way, a more demanding tourism.

People who decide to spend their vacation here know how to make a choice oriented towards wellness and relax;
far from the stressful chaos offered by the so-called top destination, which funnel their activities in to that thing called business.

The richness of the city sits on its traditions that has been passed on from generation to generation, in a nearly pristine nature with a gastronomical experience that has no competitors.

Not only will the most ancient town in Italy leave you, will not that leave you jaw-dropped in summer, but you will also enjoy its beauties throughout the year.

If you are looking for hospitality, kindness and smiley faces, this is the right place to be.

It occasionally happened that tourists were so attracted by the beauties of the island, that they decided to move here for good and invest their savings.

If you are going to follow this example and invest in the brick, this is the right place and the right time to do it:
residing in these places means to enjoy an ancient city full of scents, flavors and beautyness of a breathtaking landscape.

But that is not all, in fact the city offers a wide range of services and sport activities you can attend throughout the year: soccer, tennis, padel, volleyball, handball and basketball.

Not to mention the possibility of practicing water sports due to the mild climate that characterizes the island:
kitesurfing, windsurfing, diving, fishing, tourism will offer ever-new experiences and will also make you appreciate the sea from a different point of view.

So, why get bored just sunbathing during the day and going clubbing at night?

Here, in Sant’antioco, you’ll get to have everything you’re looking for.
For a month, or better yet, for life.